Working With GSATi

“You want your technology to work seamlessly for your business. Every piece of hardware and software should integrate perfectly so you’re free to run your business, not worry with IT.”
Cindy Tysinger, CEO, Founder

What sets GSATi apart:

• End-to-End Solutions
• Woman Owned
• Custom Strategies

Our approach to your business is unique. We offer solutions for your business needs that include complete systems, not pre-packaged software that requires your needs to bend to fit a pre-determined model. Each business needs systems that are tailored for their unique programs and products or services.

Companies spend countless hours and huge sums of money to develop great ideas using cutting edge technology, yet fail when it comes time to implement and integrate the technology. GSATi prides itself on knowing that successful organizations develop strategies to drive organizational excellence around collaborative Business and IT environments, and understanding how to execute strategies to maximize corporate value. We discovered most of the problems were caused by a disconnect between Vision and Implementation.

Experienced Team
Our management team of highly trained business and technical professionals has spent the last decade working together to precisely understand customer needs, and then help break down the barriers between Business and IT. Their skills are honed to help you effectively deliver a successful product or service by leveraging business value.

Your Success
Our customers are our number one priority and only through their success do we achieve ours. We work collaboratively alongside your very capable and dedicated staff and train them to utilize custom systems and processes designed specifically for you.


Cindy Tysinger CEO, Founder

Testimonial Services

Thanks to GSATi's very competent staff, we were up and running in no time at all with a much more secure server and definitely a better peace of mind. I highly recommend GSATi for their excellent client satisfaction and we sincerely thank you GSATi.
CEO, PMS Clan, Inc.