Managed Services

Receive an unmatched level of IT service and support from GSATi’s team of technology experts who understand your number one priority is your business, not solving IT issues.

Our team is dedicated to making your experience as painless as possible to keep you productive and focused on your business success.

Let us manage the risk of the complexity and growth of your IT infrastructure and business applications with our Managed Service solution.

Whether a specific portion of your IT infrastructure is causing you stress or concern, or you are simply looking for a independent needs analysis and audit to shape where to go in the future, GSATi is here to help.

  • Data Center Services
    • At GSATi, we deploy and manage networking products, under strict industry best practices for scalability and security, ensuring your business will not be stifled by inadequate infrastructure planning and operation. We make your data bulletproof.
      • Service Continuity / Disaster Recovery - Maintaining protection, recovery and availability of key systems and data are critical for business continuity and disaster recovery.
      • Web Hosting - Our extensive consulting experience with data center facilities and web site management processes ensures high availability for your online presence.
      • Infrastructure Management - All of our IT management solutions are designed to help increase your business agility. So you can minimize risk, improve regulatory compliance, and ultimately out perform the competition
  • End User Services
    • We Manage each individual’s assets within your organization to ensure their PC and other devices run at maximum efficiency; ensuring maximum availability and mitigated risk through maintenance and compliance management.
    • Asset Management
      We inventory and capture all of the hardware and software assets in your portfolio in order to track, report, and proactively manage these assets.
    • Service Desk
      We provide a single (informed) point of contact for customers to facilitate the restoration of normal operational service with minimal business impact on the customer within agreed upon service levels and business priorities.
    • Managed Desktops
      We offer a full spectrum of services for lifecycle management and administration of all end point devices within your enterprise.
    • Maintenance Support Services
      We offer the multivendor hardware and software maintenance and support you need for your most vital desktop products
    • Anti-Virus
    • Software Licensing & Maintenance
    • Hardware Maintenance
    • Peripheral, Equipment
    • Printers
    • Faxes
    • Copiers
    • Scanners
    • Multi-Function
  • Facility Management
    • Our support processes and practices keep your data center equipment running at peak performance with high availability.
  • Networking Services
    • GSATI will design a network built to sustain your business and provide the necessary features to ensure that your applications are always available, performing well and secure.
      A well-designed corporate network requires low maintenance and allows you to focus on building your business.
      • LAN - We make it tough. Let GSATi manage your Local Area Network and ensure your network and critical business applications are available and at peak performance.
      • WAN - We make it secure. Let GSATi manage your Wide Area Network, no matter how complex or geographically dispersed. We focus on performance and critical connectivity while keeping a close eye on your bottom line.
  • Remote Access
    • We make it accessible – Let GSATi design a secure wireless solution or enhance Remote Access connectivity through VPN or SSL-VPN solutions.
  • E-Collaboration Services
    • Communication is the key to success in any organization. At GSATi, we help connect and empower your people to:
      • Rapidly respond to business needs
      • Boost productivity and make better decisions
      • Reduce travel costs
      • Increase reach
      • And help drive revenue
    • We utilize the latest online and enterprise solutions:
      • Electronic Messaging/Communication
      • Google Apps
      • Sharepoint
      • Communicator
      • Exchange
      • Dedicated or Shared Services
      • Conference Calls/Video/Audio
  • Telecommunications Services
    • At GSATi, we can evaluate your current telecommunications infrastructure, review your existing service providers and assist you in negotiating better cost models.
      Our managed services provide reliable, efficient and cost-effective data, video and voice communications for your company:
      • VOIP & Digital Telephony
      • Smart Phones
      • Cell Phones
      • Soft Phones
      • VPN Phones
  • Managed Web Site Hosting
Jaimy Thornton Director of Managed Services

Testimonial Services

They have been very generous (out of sympathy for my plight!) and also reasonable. Their ideas are up to date, they understand exactly what I want to achieve, and are a delight to work with!
Owner, Green Village Green