What They're Saying...

CEO, PMS Clan, Inc.

Having an online business and successful online video gaming community that relies almost completely on the Internet, you can imagine our frustration when we lost our website due to our web server becoming corrupted. As a result of the issue we were not able to operate our business for more than 10 days. This resulted in reduced confidence from our online user community and definitely did not look good to our sponsors who are vital to our success. The most frustrating of all is that it could have been completely avoided since it was a result of very poor coding standards being implemented. We now understand how important coding to strict web standards is not an option and should have been implemented when we had our site created so we didn't have to learn the lesson the hard way. Thanks to GSATi's very competent staff, we were up and running in no time at all with a much more secure server and definitely a better peace of mind. I highly recommend GSATi for their excellent client satisfaction and we sincerely thank you GSATi.

Amber Dalton CEO, PMS Clan, Inc.